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01. Good Night, Mr Holmes [Irene Adler, #01] - Carole Nelson Douglas

Irene Adler was the only woman that Sherlock Holmes admired. They met in Scandal in Bohemia --she outwitted the great detective and she was never heard from again. Who was she? What was her background? What happened to her? This fascinating book answers these questions and many more. Adler's adventures as an opera singer to those of a detective from London to Prague to Paris are chronicled by her own "Dr. Watson" in the personage of her friend Penelope Huxleigh.

02. The Adventuress [Irene Adler, #02] - Carole Nelson Douglas

American diva/detective Irene Adler, the only woman to outwit Sherlock Holmes, is honeymooning in Paris with her dashing barrister-husband, Godfrey Norton, when Irene and everyone’s favorite Victorian spinster, Nell Huxleigh, witness a drowned sailor’s tattooed body being recovered from the Seine. The pair saw a similar tattoo on another drowned man. In London years earlier, Irene and Nell viewed the rescued-too-late corpse on the dining table of Bram Stoker, the man who would write Dracula. The trail of the tattoos soon has Irene unraveling a deadly mystery in Monaco, where she meets the principality’s first beautiful blond American princess and uncovers political and matrimonial treachery with the help of Godfrey, her new friend, Sarah Bernhardt, Irene’s faithful chronicler, Miss Penelope Huxleigh, and Sherlock Holmes himself

03. A Soul of Steel [Irene Adler, #03] - Carole Nelson Douglas

When a savage-looking man in Oriental garb collapses at the feet of Miss Penelope Huxleigh, the spinster associate of diva/detective Irene Adler, at a Parisian sidewalk café, the perspicacious Adler quickly diagnoses his ailment as...poison. The recovering victim seeks to save the life of the man who tended his wounds at the disastrous battle of Maiwand in Afghanistan a decade earlier, one Dr. Watson.

Irene Adler will soon battle assassin cobras to uncover an international scheme of treachery, death and deceit leading back to London and 221B Baker Street, that rivals any adventure of Sherlock Holmes himself.

04. Another Scandal in Bohemia [Irene Adler, #04] - Carole Nelson Douglas

American diva Irene Adler, introduced in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s story, “A Scandal in Bohemia” as the only woman to outwit Sherlock Holmes, returns for a rematch, not only with Holmes, but with Bohemia. The murder of a humble bead-girl at the Paris couturier House of Worth spirals into an international plot to reshape the map of Europe. Irene, drawn into the plight of Queen Clotilde, her successor in the King’s affections, finds much rotten in the state of Bohemia. As Irene and her dashing barrister husband, Godfrey Norton, and everyone’s favorite Victorian spinster, Nell Huxleigh, careen from Paris salons to Prague castles and graveyards, Holmes is just behind with an agenda of his own. Before the adventure ends, thrones will tremble, the mystical clay monster of Prague called the Golem will walk, and Irene will confront her deadliest opponent.

05. Chapel Noir [Irene Adler, #05] - Carole Nelson Douglas

This time readers are thrust into one of the darkest periods of criminal fact and fiction when two courtesans are found brutally slaughtered in the lavish boudoir of a Paris house. No woman should ever see such horrors, authorities declare, but a powerful sponsor has insisted that Irene investigate the case, along with her faithful companion, sheltered parson's daughter Penelope Huxleigh.

06. Castle Rouge [Irene Adler, #06] - Carole Nelson Douglas

She has faced down sinister spies, thwarted plots against nations, spurned a monarch and lived to reap a sweet revenge...and now is on the hunt for one of the true monsters of all time-Jack the Ripper. It was she who led a most unlikely group of allies through the cellars and catacombs of 1889 Paris in the search and capture of the suspect at a horrific secret-cult ceremony held beneath the city. But disaster has scattered those allies and the Ripper has again escaped, this time from the custody of the Paris police. Sherlock Holmes has returned to London, and Watson, to reinvestigate the Whitechapel murders of the previous fall from an entirely new angle.

Irene fears the Ripper will soon carve a bloody trail elsewhere and is eager to hunt this terror down. But terror has struck a little too close to home, for her own nearest and dearest are mysteriously missing--her companion/biographer, Nell Huxleigh, abducted in Paris and her barrister husband, Godfrey Norton, vanished in the wilds of Bohemia.

07. Femme Fatale [Irene Adler, #07] - Carole Nelson Douglas

Irene's past is shrouded in secrecy, and at first she is unwilling to divulge anything that would link her to America. But a series of bizarre killings in New York City draws her reluctantly back to her native country, where she must race with a murderer to find her mother, a woman of mystery who may turn out to be the most notorious woman of the nineteenth century.

As Irene forges a trail into her own hidden past, Nellie Bly draws another ace investigator across the Atlantic to join in the hunt for a serial killer, the last man on earth Irene Adler wants to discover anything about her shocking past... Sherlock Holmes.

08. Spider Dance [Irene Adler, #08] - Carole Nelson Douglas

After numerous adventures Irene has finally come home, not out of loyalty to her native shores but because of a baffling puzzle, and the one thing that haunts her. Irene has no real memory of her childhood and has spent most of her life creating a persona to fit her passions. When Daredevil reporter Nelly Bly lures Irene to America by hinting that she knows of Irene's parentage, Irene takes the bait and in doing so, embarks upon a pursuit of the most notorious woman of the nineteenth century.

Before the intrigue-ridden quest is over, Irene will uncover murderous international political conspiracies, lost treasure, and finally . . . the full, shocking secret of her birth.

09. The Private Wife of Sherlock Holmes [Irene Adler, #09] - Carole Nelson Douglas

This novella, “The Private Wife of Sherlock Holmes,” reports the pair’s most recent and intriguing encounter in post-Jack the Ripper London, from Baker Street to a high society brothel. Shocking, my dear Holmes!

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