The Official Guide to Mylio - Mastering The Next Generation Photo Management System


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The Official Guide to Mylio - Mastering The Next Generation Photo Management System



The Official Guide to Mylio: Mastering The Next Generation Photo Management System by Jordan Ayan
English | Jan 19, 2015 | ASIN: B00RYBGT9O | 165 Pages | EPUB/MOBI/AZW3/PDF (Converted) | 28 MB

"If youre getting into Mylio (and you definitely should -- its the future of image management), then youre holding the book that will unlock its power, potential and fun.
Ive been working with Mylio from the start, and the author has uncovered so many things I didnt know, or hadnt thought about, that makes it an invaluable resource -- one youll refer to again and again. Well written, in-depth without going all nerdy on you, and just all around nicely done. Highly recommended."

Scott Kelby - KelbyOne Media
"Jordan has really done a wonderful job of explaining what Mylio can do for you, how you can use it to its full effect, and all the ins and outs of this amazing software. Probably the most significant aspect of his book is the step-by-step walkthrough of how to get up to speed and running with it as soon as possible! Ive been using Mylio quite regularly - and enthusiastically - for months now and still learned a few new tips by reading this. Wish it had been available the first time Id launched Mylio."

Tamara Lackey - Photographer

"Jordan Ayans new book, The Official Guide to Mylio, is destined to be the road map for all future users of this next generation organizational and preservation tool. It is comprehensive, plain spoken, and guides the user through the wilds of a new software with easy explanations and plain English. It is organized well, so that when you have a specific question while using the program, most likely there is a specific section that will deal with that question. Its organized and thorough, much like the software program it is reporting about."

Joe McNally - Photographer

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