The Real Sexy, Smart and Strong - 30 Tips to Boost Confidence


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The Real Sexy, Smart and Strong - 30 Tips to Boost Confidence


John Wiley & Sons
David Patchell-Evans
ISBN: 0470161248
203 pages
1 MB

"My life’s passion is to connect people all over the world with their success potential.

Patch’s book confirms just how smart exercise is—for your success and for keeping every

part of your life in top condition. A must-read for everyone!"
—Jack Canfield, Co-creator, of The Success Principles How to Get from Where You Are to

Where You Want to Be

"Patch's passion for helping people live strong is palpable. His approach is inspired and

I, for one, admire his deep commitment to living a healthier life."
—Harley Pasternak, Author of the Five- Factor Diet and personal trainer to Hollywood’s

hottest stars

Being fit is more than skin deep! In THE REAL SEXY, SMART AND STRONG you will quickly

learn how to experience high levels of vital energy, become smarter and stronger, and

make the very best of your body. You want to get started with something new – and make

positive changes in your life – but where to begin? David Patchell-Evans is the master of

inspiring and instructing real people how to enjoy the proven benefits of fitness – and

he can do the same for you. Learn how to choose a gym, how to navigate the early days of

starting your exercise routine, and what pitfalls to watch out for. As you progress there

will be many obstacles and hidden sources of discouragement, Patch will show you how to

overcome each and every one, and how to stick with it for life. There is more and more

evidence proving that exercise is crucial to the total well-being of your body, mind and

spirit. But does that mean we all need to spend hours in the gym? Absolutely not! In The

Real Sexy, Smart and Strong, health guru David Patchell-Evans shows you a common-sense

approach that is both easy-to-follow and fun – it’s about enjoying yourself, and enjoying

your body. Physical activity can be easy for everyone. Backed by the most recent research

in the field, Patch focuses on your real commitment to health and well-being so that you

can discover how your attitude, your thinking and your exercise can team up to enrich

your life. Gain confidence. Be your own powerful definition of sexy, smart and strong.

"We've all met that person who walks it, talks it, and makes the whole world believe it.

It isn't about the size of their hips or their bank account balance. It comes from a deep

sense of self which exudes through every pore in the body. Sexy is an attitude . . . not

an aptitude! The Real Sexy Smart and Strong will show you how to access your own innate

sexiness and before you know you, too, will be inspired and filled with this magical

—Crystal Andrus bestselling author of Simply . . . Woman!