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The Extracted MBA: A Topical Reference For The Contemporary MBA


Author(s) : Vinal, Kelly
Publisher : Universal Publishers
Date : 2000
Pages : 248
Format : PDF
ISBN-10 : 1581127359

The Extracted MBA represents the culmination of a decade's worth of undergraduate and graduate study, as well my practical management experiences, both in my work and in the courses I teach. Upon being awarded my MBA in 1998, I searched for a book that could concisely provide a reference, a recap if you will, of what I had learned in my years of study. Sure, there were books out there that professed to make MBAs out of lay folk, but they were the literary equivalent of snake oil. There simply wasn't a book written for MBAs that provided what I desired, and what I truly believed that the MBA community needed. I sat at my computer one night and began transcribing the four boxes of notes I had accumulated in the course of my studies. It would be three weeks before I completed the first section of the first management course I had ever taken. Aptly, that was Extracted Management! I read through it and realized that I had an opportunity to create a reference that myself and my fellow MBAs could really use! The Extracted MBA was born. I hope these series of extractions serve you well as you recount the topics that whizzed-by in the torrent of information to which we were exposed. With this tool, may your MBA skills remain as fresh as the day you walked across the stage and received your degree!

Please note that the extracts are organized in a quasi-outline format, with indentations that expound on preceding notes