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DiSEqC Monitor, September 2006, ref. 040398 -1
Pico USB scopes get a speed boost
Surface-mount resistor with 20 watts power rating
Watch ?r?PCB?
Become a video game developer with the Propeller powered Hydra
See twelve cylinders of secondary ignition on your oscilloscope
ICs simplify HID ballast circuits and extend lamp life
Split-core transducers for AC current measurement
Profiler - Construction kit for a general-purpose milling machine
Explorer-16 (1) - Part 1: introduction to MPLAB? C30 and Proteus VSM
The Quest for Accuracy - Time measurement using atomic clocks
Clocking, Texas-style - A 300 MHz spread-spectrum clock generator from TI
Turbo Tricks - Notebook and microcontroller overclocking
Sputnik Time Machine - Nostalgia and microcontroller technology merged in a single design
Berlin Clock Remake - Using the SPI bus
Text at the Speed of Light - rotating message display with LEDs and an AVR micro
Scoot me up, Scotty - Scooter tuning without getting your hands dirty
Warp Speed on Demand - Modern car engine optimisation in the electronic garage
FPGA Course (8) - Part 8: Playing with the USB port
Blinking Christmas decoration
Test beeper for your stereo
Improving RFID Reader Sensitivity - ten picofarads are worth five centimetres
Electromechanical switching technology
Poke 16384,#FF
Shortwave Capture, December 2006, p. 24-33, ref. 030417-I
High-Power - High-output LEDs come to town
Freescale launches RAppID ToolBox
Smallest DAB radio module
Good progress in environmentally-friendly lead free soldering
See the LITE on temperature monitoring
50O RF switch for DC ?6 GHz
Sensorless motor control platform
Wireless electrical sub-metering components
ZigBee?protocol platform with 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 transceiver
Flying Robots - Drones: From remote control to UAV and roboplane
?, 2, 1, Takeoff! Over-air telemetry for model rockets
Explorer-16 Value Pack and audio signal processing
MP3 Preamp - Stereo microphone preamplifier
A Telling Way of Telling the Time - Radio timecode clock using graphical programming and a CPLD chip
Accurate Measurements for a Fiver? ?argain bucket?multimeter
FPGA Course (9) - Part 9: The final act
I-Q: a Highly Intelligent Approach to Quality Radio - First steps in Software Defined Radio (SDR)
Toilet Guardian - Biogas warning prevents unpleasant surprises
Bi-colour LEDs operated by LDR
LDO Regulator
E-blocks LED Chaser - Flowcode from the ground up
Philips SFM114/00 Wobbulator (1952)
Microcontrollers all over the place
MP3 Preamp, February 2007, p. 40-45, ref. 060237-1
Elektor CD-ROM 2006 - New version has HTML user interface
Vinculum IC speeds USB fl ash drive connectivity to microcontrollers
Fred Dart (MD, FTDI)
Class-D chipset cuts parts count and board size by 50%
MPLAB?REAL ICETM emulation system
Cost-effective mid-power 24Vin micro modules
Current sensors for automotive battery-monitoring applications
Weatherproof LED data display
Attack of the SpYder - Discover Freescale? MC9S08 micro, SpYder and CodeWarrior
Making Waves - 18 function generators on the test bench
AVR drives USB - A development board with a software-defined USB interface
Universal USB Device Driver - Say goodbye to connection problems
Wireless USB in miniature - iDwaRF: a networkable WirelessUSB radio module
ZigBee Transceiver - Xbee in practice
Explorer-16 (3) - Part 3: Speaking Thermometer, CF card simulation and Crypto Puzzle
Mobile Phone LCD for PC - Recycling Alcatel LCDs
Scale Deposit Fighter - a simple water softener
Ethermeter - An alternative netwerk cable tester
From 5 to 3.3 V
Open CMOS inputs
8052-AH BASIC Single-Board Computer (1987)
Canon EOS Cameras go Wireless, July/August 2004, p. 102, 030432-1.
Ethermeter, March 2007, p. 72-74, 075035-I
MP3 Preamp, February 2007, p. 40-45, 060237-I
Comprehensive line of V? chip evaluation and validation boards
Full-speed USB 2.0 PIC?micros
Minisens ASIC transducer for iso-lated current measurement
PWM control IC for 12V to 75V input voltage range
The Human Body as an Energy Source - New technologies for generating energy
Message in a Bottle - The quest for the holy grail of free energy
Solar Power for Dummies - Simple standalone power plants
Battery Charge-n-Check - For NiMH/NiCd and LiPo/Li-Ion packs and cells
Simple Solar Cell Charger - Avoids overcharging of NiCad-batteries
Tough and Powerful - High power nanophosphate batteries under test
E-Blocks Light Chaser Squared - Let? complicate things!
g-Force on LEDs - Two-axis 2g accelerometer with SpYder and a Freescale micro
Programmer for Freescale 68HC(9)08 - First steps in 8-bit development
Explorer-16 (4) - Part 4 (final): beefing up the Speaking Thermometer
Electronic Badge - Mobile phone LCD with slide show
Very Simple Clock - Reworking a design from 1971
A Simple Mains Inverter - 12 V DC in, 230 V AC out
Miniature Rotating Magnetic Field Generator - PC fan analysed
Adjustable high-voltage power supply (1961)
Solar Cells from Fruit Tea - Make your own dye-sensitized solar cells
Ten Commandments of Electronics
AVR drives USB, March 2007, p. 34-38, ref. 060276-I
Shortwave Capture, December 2006, p. 24-33, ref. 030417-I.
Sputnik Time Machine, January 2007, p. 42-45, ref. 050018-I
Easy-PC is more popular than ever
Next generation energy-measurement IC and reference design
Vero Technologies purchases moulded enclosures business from APW
Altium Designer busts high-speed design myths
LP Radio system-on-a-chip named finalist of 2007 EE Times ACE Award for Ultimate Product of the Year
Software Defined Radio - With USB Interface
Thank you for flying USB-FliteSim - An RC transmitter-to-USB interface
Seismograph - Loudspeaker as vibration sensor
ELF Reception - Signal hunting below 150 kHz
ATtiny as RDS Signal Generator - Use a miniature microcontroller to send characters to an FM radio display
Asynchronous Motor Control using Atmel Evaluation Board - With AT90PWM3 microcontroller and Fairchild Smart Power Module
Smart Power Modules - Power output stages with integrated drivers for motor control
Power to the LEDs - Driver circuits for high-power LEDs
Speedmaster - The winning circuit in 3D
Universal JTAG Adaptor - For programming and emulation
Magnetometer - Detects even the smallest changes
Using a hot-air workstation - New Technologies, new Tools
Temperature from a Distance - RF thermometers on the PC
E-blocks Graphic Colour LCD - Understanding, programming... showing off!
Transverter for the 70cm band (1981)
Measuring - but what exactly?
Wireless USB in miniature, March 2007, p. 44-51, ref. 050402-I
MotionDSP launches new copyright detection technology
New low-cost serial communications tool
Single-chip ZigBee?Platform in Package?solution
IR? New DirectFET?MOSFET Chipset Achieves Lowest On-State Resistance for 25V Applications
More 300V input mini modules
Single-cell Li-Ion / Li-Polymer chargers in SOT-23 packages
Meters with a tail - Portable multimeters with a serial interface
2.4 GHz WiFi Spectrum Analyser - What? happening in your area?
Whistles from on high - Acoustic vertical speed indicator
Tube Sound - Class-A triode push-pull amplifier
Stand Alone OBD-2 Analyser - Interpret ?rouble codes?without a PC
OBD - between Ecology, Marketplace and Big Brother
Linux Oscilloscope - Development with ?Linux
Coil Clinic - A 100 nH to 100 mH single-range inductance meter with LCD readout
Flowcourse: Alarm System - Handling stimuli
Reliable Fingerprints - A sensor that reads fingerprints using RF signals
Simple DIY Programming - Poor man? AVR flash programmer
SDR Soundcard Tester
Type 1650-A Impedance Bridge (1960)
An Obstacle Detecting Robot
Wireless pulse sensor - For robots and other control applications
Stereo Robot Ears - Get your robot to home-in on a sound source
Simple D/A Converter for Robots
CMUCam1 Vision System - Seattle Robotics give BoeBot (and other robots) vision!
Sensor for Line Following Robots
Overheat Detector Alarm/Switch
PIC or Basic Stamp IR Telemeter - with a PIC or a Basic Stamp
Sound Activated Switch
A Robot that won? Lose its Bearings
A/D Converter for Robots
From Cassette Recorder to Robot Propulsion
IR Close Object Detector
Light-seeking Robot
Bat? Ear
An Inclinometer for Your Robot
Positioning with Photodiode Arrays
Whiskers on Robots
Alexander Wiedekind-Klein
Compass Sensor for Lego Mindstorms NXT
Ultrasonic Distant Obstacle Detector
Light Sensing with an LED
MotoBox - Drives stepper, DC and servo motors
12 V Bidirectional Motor Control
zBot: 10-A Power Stage for DC Motor
Complete Stepper Motor Driver
Controlling Servos - Using a PIC programmed in Basic, a Basic Stamp or a Cubloc
PIC12C508 Stepper Motor Controller
3 Amp PWM DC Motor Controller
Driving Higher Power DC Motors
Driving Stepper Motors: KISS
Robot Footballer
PIC Indicator Relay
Catapult for Robots ...or Other Uses
Servo to Motor Conversion
Driving Stepper Motors
Which Brain for my Robot? A mini practical guide
Servo Control from a PC
Propeller Prototyping Board for BoeBot
?EAclipper?Postage-stamp Programmer
LPC900 programmer
Low?Cost USB Demo Board - C your way through USB
Optimised STK200/300 Programmer - for AVR Micros
Satnav for Robots - GPS guidance for autonomous vehicles
Serial Interface for the Propeller - Simple and inexpensive
USB Converter
zBot: Solar/Battery Power Supply
3-A Wide-input Adjustable Switching Regulator
Paralleling LiPo Batteries
Switch-Mode 555 Supply
Voltage Stabiliser
Mini Power Inverter
Lithium Charger
Paul Goossens
PWM Voltage Dropper
Dual Battery - For enhanced operational reliability
Multi-purpose NiCd & NiMH Charger
Fast Charger for NiMH Batteries
Deep Discharge Protection for Rechargeable Cells
LDO Regulator with Soft Start or Tracking