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Title................: Macs Portable Genius
Type.................: Ebook
Reader...............: PDF Reader
Size.................: 23.7 MB
Torrent Hash.........: C7ECEAB6 67D81324 B699957D 5A87D357 8E1AFBFE
Posted by............: ~tqw~


I have left the h33t tracker, I may still change trackers yet again. Not to
worry this it a genuine tqw release.

The Genius is in.
You don't have to be a genius to use a Mac®. But if you want to get the very
most out of yours, put this savvy Portable Genius guide to work and start
ramping up the pace. Want to connect Bluetooth®? Set up iChat®? Use the Webcam?
Upgrade your Mac? You'll find cool and useful Genius tips, insider secrets,
full-color images, and pages of easy-to-access shortcuts and tools that will
save you loads of time and let you enjoy your Mac to the max. Keep this
indispensable Genius on hand and watch your Mac IQ soar.

Portable GENIUS
Fun, hip, and straightforward, the new Portable Genius series gives
forward-thinking Apple users useful information in handy, compact books
that are easy to navigate and don't skimp on the essentials. Collect the
whole series and make the most of your Apple digital lifestyle.

Table Of Contents:
Ch. 1 How Do I Connect and Configure Devices? 2
Ch. 2 How Do I Connect My Mac with Bluetooth Devices? 28
Ch. 3 How Do I Synchronize My Mac with Other Devices? 52
Ch. 4 How Can I Get More Out of the Web? 80
Ch. 5 How Do I Use My Mac to Organize My Real Life? 106
Ch. 6 How Do I Use My Mac to Organize My Online Life? 138
Ch. 7 Can My Mac Help Me Communicate More Effectively? 166
Ch. 8 How Do I Keep My Mac Running Smoothly? 198
Ch. 9 Can I Upgrade My Mac? 228
Ch. 10 How Do I Solve Mac Software Problems? 258
Ch. 11 How Do I Solve Mac Hardware Problems? 280
Ch. 12 How Do I Run Windows on My Mac? 298
App. A Mac Online Resources 321
App. B Mac Shortcut Keys 324
Glossary 329
Index 333

Product Details:
* ISBN: 0470290528
* ISBN-13: 9780470290521
* Format: Paperback, 345pp
* Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
* Pub. Date: September 2008

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