Islamic Perspective Of Sex


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Abdul Rahman Al-Sheha | Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 42 | Size: 1 MB

Islam assigns man value over and above the rest of the creations. Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) created a pair of male and female. He knows best. Human reproduction is impossible without the existence of such a complementary pair. This co-existence complements each other. Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) created the male and the female in a perfect order that indicates His Greatness. Each one is granted aspecific mission. Both, male and female have a specific role to play in this life. No one should defy his role. Therefore, Islam illustrated these various roles in order to leave no room for speculations. This booklet is an attempt to shed some light on various issues related to this important subject.


Translator's Word
Islam And Sex
Islam And Sexual Stimulants
Islam And Female Protection
Islam And Marriage

Forward to the Book

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of theUniverse, the Creator and the Sustainer. There is no deity
worthy of worshipexcept He. And may Allah's Peace and Blessings be upon Prophet
Muhammad, HisCompanions, His Family and followers all.

The issue of sexhas occupied a prominent position in the human thinking and activity. There
isso much preoccupation with sex, which has led to remarkable studies and researchdealing
with the nature of sexual behavior, its arousal, its use and abuse. Sex,as a human activity, has
led to deviant behavior and abuse of its pure humanneed by the sex industry all over the

Sex, as a needand behavior, has been fully dealt with in Islam. Islam is a
comprehensivesystem of life that takes into account the spiritual, the social, the
physicaland all human needs. Furthermore, Islam has recognized these needs,
organizedthem and has described proper ways of their fulfillment. One of these needs
isthe sexual. Islam viewed the sexual act as sacred, private and a source of
humanreproduction. Therefore, it is recognized within the family context only.
Throughout the Islamic history, Muslim scholars and writershave tackled the issue of "sex in
Islam". Within the same line of thinking comesthis contribution by Br.Abdul Rahman
Al-Sheha. In this book, theauthor provided the Islamic perspective on sex, purity and
chastity.Furthermore, the author tackled the issue of "sexual stimulants" especiallythose
beyond the sacred bond between the husband and wife. Therefore,Al-Shehastated:" Islam
bans all actions that lead to arouse the sex other than thepermissible.

Islam, out of precaution, bans all activities that lead to unlawfulpractices". The Glorious
Quran says:“ Say to the believing men Thatthey should lower Their gaze and guard their
modesty: that will make Forgreater purity for them: And God is well acquainted With all
that theydo And say to believing women That they should lower Their gaze andguard
Their modesty- that they Should not display their Beauty andornaments except What
(must ordinarily) appear Thereof- that theyshould Draw their veils over Their bosoms
and not display Their beauty… ”(24:31-32)

In order to prevent social ills, Islamhas promoted the marriage institution. Islam permits
Muslims to satisfy theirsexual needs only through lawful marriage. i.e., the relationship
between thehusband and the wife in the traditional structure of the family.
Accordingly,Islam emphasized the importance of building the family on solid foundations.
Aprimary step in this process is the selection of the wife and the selection ofthe husband. A
second step is a lawful meeting of a prospective bride, amarriage contract and the
establishment of a happy family guided by the divinerevelation.

BrotherAl-Shehahas also tackled other issuesthat assure the continuity of the family
structure. Some of these steps dealwith the issues of sexual fulfillment, happiness, harmony
and family peace.Furthermore, he spelled out the rights of spouses upon each other. Finally,
headdressed the issue of divorce in Islam, which is considered as the most "hated"lawful act
in Islam. He explained its meaning and conditions.

This book is very informative, well researched and scholarly written. I ask Allah-Glory Be to
Him- to reward the author for his work. I thinkthat this book is of great benefit for Muslims
and non-Muslims in their quest tolive by the divine teachings that promote chastity,
modesty and happiness.

Translator's Word

Sex is a subject that has overwhelmed theminds of many people. Sex is an urge and human
desire that should be fulfilled.Islam therefore, does not neglect this vital and important issue
in the humanlife.

The segregation of men and women in Islam, as well asthe Prudah, veil of Muslim
women, have led many non-Muslims to think derogatoryabout Islam.
Islam considers the sex experience a unique,private, decent, and meaningful.
Consequently, all related issues must be dealtwith on the same principle.
Islam sets limits enabling bothspouses to live in peace and harmony- yet, each spouse is
entitled for specificrights and demanded certain duties from each. This is to run the family
affairsin the best manner.

The author, in this book, attempts topresent the viewpoint of Islam concerning sex and the
explanations underlyingspecific man-woman relationship.
I hope that this book wouldoffer a general bird view for those who are interested to know the
standpoint ofIslam about this important social issue.
For more detailsand further information, we advise to explore further readings on the

The translator, and his editor, exerted every possible humaneffort to present an authentic,
accurate, and committed translation to thespirit of the original text as much as possible.
Quranicverses were quoted from Harf automated Quran and its translation of themeanings.
Only minor editing was done to the text of the translation as deemedfit and suitable. The
reader must keep in mind that the "words" of Allah(subhanahu wa ta'ala) are matchless and
cannot be exactly translated to meanwhat Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) connotes. Therefore,
the human efforts couldonly go to a humble extent of translating what appears to him the
close,immediate, and right meaning. The translator likes to make candid this pointhere as to
indicate that the presented translation is only for the apparentmeanings of the verses. The
actual Arabic text of the verses is cited, thetranslation is placed right underneath it, and both
are indented to illustratethat these are direct quotation from Quran.
The translatordid the same for the text of Hadith. The best effort was put in order to
renderthe closest meaning to the actual text in Arabic.

If thereis any shortcoming, the translator requests our dear readers to overlook, orpoint it out
to him in writing. He is grateful to all those who point out hisshortcomings in order to avoid
them in the future work, InshaAllah God willing.

Muslims and non-Muslims alike must learn the viewpoint ofIslam on sex and marriage.
This book, despite its size, isfull of wisdom, live examples, true meanings, and super
instructions about sexand family life in Islam. It makes the mind thinks and the heart feel the
trueemotions at times. I heartily and cordially invite every Muslim and non-Muslimto read it
and benefit himself/herself accordingly.

I wouldlike to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the following people:Mr.
AbdulRahmanal-Sheeha, the author, for his good work and for authorizing me to translateit.
For my dear wife, for being patient, helpful,cooperative and understanding while I was
spending long hours of our precioustime, working on the book and being away from her.
All thosewho supported, prayed, directed, and helped, directly or indirectly, have myfull
appreciation and warmest thanks.


All Praise is due to Allah. May Allah's Peace and Blessings be upon His slave servant
Messenger Mohammed (peace andblessings of Allah be upon him), and his rightly
guided Companions, his familymembers and his progeny.
Islam assigns man value over andabove the rest of the creations. Allah (subhanahu wa
ta'ala) created a pair ofmale and female. He knows best. Human reproduction is
impossible without theexistence of such a complementary pair. This co-existence
complements eachother.
Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) created the male and thefemale in a perfect order that
indicates His Greatness. Each one is granted aspecific mission.
Both, male and female have a specific roleto play in this life. No one should defy his
role. Therefore, Islam illustratedthese various roles in order to leave no room for
This booklet is an attempt to shed some light on variousissues related to this important
There are vagueideas about sex in Islam in the minds of the non-Muslims who accuse Islam
withso many unfair and groundless accusations. We are trying to present Islamicviews
about an important issue in the life of man on earth. If the viewpoint ofIslam becomes clear
in the minds of critics, it is hoped that they wouldunderstand the rational underlying
Islamic standpoint.
Wepray Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) to enable us to achieve the objective we setout to do in
this booklet for the benefit of our fellow men. If we succeed, thatis by Allah's (subhanahu wa
ta'ala) Grace. If we don't, it is our ownshortcoming.
We hope this booklet would be an interesting,beneficial and instructive.