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Absolute FreeBSD: The Complete Guide to FreeBSD
General InformationType.................: Ebook
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Release NotesAre you a new Unix administrator? If you are, then this book is for you. Author
Michael W. Lucas, has done an outstanding job of writing a book that will enable
you to use FreeBSD to provide network services. Lucas, begins with a discussion
of the information resources the FreeBSD Project and its devotees provide for
users. Then, the author gives you an overview of installing FreeBSD and others
advice on an optimal install. Next, he shows you how the FreeBSD boot process
makes your system start, stop, and reboot in different configurations. The
author also discusses how to back up your data on both a system-wide and a
file-by-file level, and how to make your changes so that they can be easily
undone. He continues by describing how to configure the FreeBSD kernel. Then,
the author discusses the network and how it works in FreeBSD. Next, he shows you
how to make your computer resist attackers and intruders. The author continues
by covering some of the details of working with hard drives in FreeBSD, support
for other filesystems, and a few network filesystems. Then, he discusses some of
the more interesting security features found in FreeBSD. Next, the author
describes the many configuration files in FreeBSD and how they operate. He
continues by describing the ports and packages system that FreeBSD uses to
manage add-on software. Then, the author discusses some of the finer points of
running software on FreeBSD systems. Next, he shows you how to use FreeBSD’s
upgrade process. The author continues by describing DNS and shows you how to
install and troubleshoot it. Then, he discusses some of the small programs
you’ll need to manage in order to use FreeBSD properly. Next, the author
describes how to set up an email system on FreeBSD to reliably deliver mail and
repel spam and viruses. He continues by showing you how to setup and secure Web
and FTP Services. Then, the author goes over some of the fancy techniques
FreeBSD supports for mirroring disks, exporting disk devices across the network,
and generally having a good old time protecting and manipulating your data.
Next, he covers some of FreeBSD’s performance-testing and trouble-shooting tools
and shows you how to interpret the results. The author continues by showing you
some of the more interesting tricks you can do with FreeBSD, such as running
systems without disks and with tiny disks, as well as, some live failover and
redundancy setups. Finally, the author wraps up by showing you how to deal with
those rare occasions when a FreeBSD system fails, how to debug problems, and how
to create a useful problem report. This most excellent book shows you how to
manage, patch, and maintain your FreeBSD systems and have a basic understanding
of networking, system security, and software management. In other words, after
reading this book, you will be armed with a strong working knowledge of how
FreeBSD can be used as a powerful desktop or development machine.

The long awaited and completely revised second edition of what has become the
FreeBSD bible. FreeBSD committer Michael W. Lucas has brought the book up to
date for FreeBSD 7.x, with the help of two dozen expert FreeBSD technical
reviewers. This second edition of Absolute FreeBSD is sure to remain the perfect
resource for FreeBSD system administrators. This straightforward, practical, and
comprehensive book takes the reader through the intricacies of the platform and
teaches how to build, configure, and manage a FreeBSD server, offering friendly
explanations, background information, troubleshooting suggestions, and copious
examples throughout. Coverage includes installation, backing up, using the GEOM
disk tools and exporting disk devices across the network, chosing a kernel
scheduler, building your own embedded devices, diskless FreeBSD, the latest
anti-spam and anti-virus techniques and much more.

Chapter 1: Getting More Help 19
Chapter 2: Installing FreeBSD 33
Chapter 3: Start Me Up! The Boot Process 61
Chapter 4: Read This Before You Break Something Else! 89
Chapter 5: Kernel Games 117
Chapter 6: The Network 145
Chapter 7: Securing Your System 177
Chapter 8: Disks and Filesystems 209
Chapter 9: Advanced Security Features 261
Chapter 10: Exploring /etc 301
Chapter 11: Making Your System Useful 315
Chapter 12: Advanced Software Management 343
Chapter 13: Upgrading FreeBSD 371

Product Details

* ISBN: 1593271514
* ISBN-13: 9781593271510
* Format: Paperback, 709pp
* Publisher: No Starch Press San Francisco, CA
* Pub. Date: November 2007
* Edition Description: Second Edition
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