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  • FuryHero's Isochronic Tones-SM10
    • Spiritual
      • ChakraMeditationBrownNoise.mp3 (103.00 Mb)
      • SolfeggioHarmonics.mp3 (103.00 Mb)
      • ChakraMeditation.mp3 (103.00 Mb)
      • EarthEnergy.mp3 (82.40 Mb)
      • MeditativeVisualization.mp3 (82.40 Mb)
      • Love.mp3 (41.20 Mb)
      • InnerAwareness.mp3 (34.34 Mb)
      • ManifestationExtended.mp3 (34.33 Mb)
      • Astral2Extended.mp3 (34.33 Mb)
      • 12HzMeditation.mp3 (34.33 Mb)
      • DeepMeditation (BackgroundOnly).mp3 (34.33 Mb)
      • AstralProjection.mp3 (34.33 Mb)
      • DeepMeditation.mp3 (34.33 Mb)
      • ThirdEye.mp3 (34.33 Mb)
      • PhilosophicalInquiry.mp3 (28.61 Mb)
      • ChristConsciousness.mp3 (22.89 Mb)
      • Astral2.mp3 (20.60 Mb)
      • PastLifeRegression.mp3 (20.60 Mb)
      • HeartChakra.mp3 (20.60 Mb)
      • Aura.mp3 (20.60 Mb)
      • ChakraBalancingSine.mp3 (17.16 Mb)
      • Manifestation.mp3 (13.73 Mb)
    • Miscellaneous
      • Refresh.mp3 (82.40 Mb)
      • 40287.mp3 (68.66 Mb)
      • NirvanaSleep.mp3 (61.80 Mb)
      • SchumannResonance.mp3 (52.64 Mb)
      • LiftBrownNoise.mp3 (45.77 Mb)
      • Lift.mp3 (45.77 Mb)
      • AcneTreatment.mp3 (41.20 Mb)
      • FortyExtended.mp3 (41.20 Mb)
      • Speech.mp3 (41.20 Mb)
      • DNAMeditation.mp3 (41.20 Mb)
      • GHSleep.mp3 (41.20 Mb)
      • Little.mp3 (41.20 Mb)
      • KidneySupport.mp3 (34.33 Mb)
      • FemaleHealth.mp3 (34.33 Mb)
      • MentalPerformance3.mp3 (27.46 Mb)
      • NerveRegeneration.mp3 (27.46 Mb)
      • Void.mp3 (27.46 Mb)
      • MentalPerformance.mp3 (27.46 Mb)
      • GanzfeldEffect.mp3 (27.46 Mb)
      • BehaviorChange.mp3 (27.46 Mb)
      • ImmuneBooster.mp3 (27.46 Mb)
      • Scout.mp3 (27.46 Mb)
      • ESP.mp3 (27.46 Mb)
      • GrowthHormoneRelease.mp3 (22.89 Mb)
      • Sleep.mp3 (22.89 Mb)
      • Forty.mp3 (20.60 Mb)
      • Creativity.mp3 (20.60 Mb)
      • IQIncrease.mp3 (20.60 Mb)
      • Healing.mp3 (20.60 Mb)
      • Pyramids.mp3 (17.74 Mb)
      • DNAStimulationRepair.mp3 (17.16 Mb)
      • Arousal.mp3 (17.16 Mb)
      • CellHealth.mp3 (13.73 Mb)
      • 14Hz2.mp3 (13.73 Mb)
      • MentalPerformance2.mp3 (13.73 Mb)
      • HeadacheReliefAwake.mp3 (11.44 Mb)
      • HeadacheReliefRelaxed.mp3 (11.44 Mb)
      • Anti-Jetlag.mp3 (11.44 Mb)
      • 14Hz.mp3 (11.44 Mb)
      • WillToLive.mp3 (9.61 Mb)
    • Recreational
      • Journey.mp3 (82.39 Mb)
      • DreamWalker.mp3 (40.05 Mb)
      • Matrix.mp3 (34.33 Mb)
      • Imagine.mp3 (27.46 Mb)
      • Purple2.mp3 (27.46 Mb)
      • Ladder.mp3 (27.46 Mb)
      • Lucy.mp3 (27.46 Mb)
      • PreparationX.mp3 (27.46 Mb)
      • HighLow.mp3 (22.89 Mb)
      • Two.mp3 (21.97 Mb)
      • Weightless.mp3 (20.60 Mb)
      • Wave.mp3 (20.60 Mb)
      • InnerPeace.mp3 (20.60 Mb)
      • Fusion.mp3 (20.60 Mb)
      • MindTrap.mp3 (20.60 Mb)
      • Slow-Mo.mp3 (20.60 Mb)
      • Purple.mp3 (20.60 Mb)
      • Fuzzy.mp3 (20.60 Mb)
      • Meadows.mp3 (20.59 Mb)
      • Nirvana.mp3 (20.59 Mb)
      • Magic.mp3 (19.45 Mb)
      • Theta432.mp3 (17.16 Mb)
      • Classical.mp3 (17.16 Mb)
      • X-Zedrin.mp3 (17.16 Mb)
      • ChristOf.mp3 (15.15 Mb)
      • HighTones.mp3 (13.73 Mb)
      • EnergyNow.mp3 (13.73 Mb)
      • KO.mp3 (6.86 Mb)
      • Relax.mp3 (6.86 Mb)
      • Dreamy.mp3 (6.86 Mb)
      • Float.mp3 (6.86 Mb)
      • Hazy.mp3 (6.86 Mb)
      • AdrenalineRush.mp3 (5.72 Mb)
    • Lucid Dreaming
      • LucidSpike.mp3 (54.93 Mb)
      • LucidDreamingBrownNoise.mp3 (41.20 Mb)
      • LucidDreaming.mp3 (34.33 Mb)
    • Tone Info.txt (21.90 Kb)
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Recreational Tones

These recreational tones are designed to provide an enjoyable user-experience. Consider each specially-crafted tone as a mini-vacation, perfect for unwinding after a long day at work, relaxing outside on a sunny day or journeying to new states of consciousness. For best results choose an environment that will be free of distractions both during and immediately after the tones. Breathing exercises, meditation and yoga are all great ways to precede a session, they will help with the relaxation and detached awareness that will promote a better entrainment experience.

Adrenaline Rush - This 5-minute long tone uses the frequency of 20 Hz, which stimulates the adrenal glands. This is a higher octave of 10 Hz, which performs the same function, but numerous personal tests have shown that this higher octave provides similar effects but with a more alert mental state.
Christof - This 15-minute long tone is a modified version of Weightless made as per Christof's request. It uses a "warmer" background track instead of the springtime meadows sound used in the original weightless. It is best described as "part weightless and part nirvana" and is a great way to unwind after a long day of work.
Classical - This 15-minute long recreational tone is designed to take you on a closed-eye adventure. It uses frequencies found in the brain's of people on certain substances, as well as an experimental frequency, all while set to a soothing piano background track.
Dreamy - This tone is designed to get you into a pleasant dreamy state in a short time. 5 minutes long.
Dream Walker - This 30-minute tone goes from a tranquil waking state down to a deep, dreamlike state - become one with the dream world.
Energy Now- This 10-minute long beta tone is designed to give you that extra boost of energy you need to get through the day.
Float - This 5-minute long tone is designed to take you to a pleasant, floaty state.
Fusion - This tone uses several filters, effects, and frequencies to provide an enjoyable state of being. There is a transition around the 11-minute mark in which the tones fade out, this is not the end of the session however. This tone requires stereo headphones. 15 minutes long.
Fuzzy - The name describes this one perfectly. As you feel yourself pulled into the sounds experience soothing sensations throughout your body. Warming and Calming - 15 minutes.
Hazy - This 5-minute long tone aims to bring the listener to a hazy state of awareness. For best results listened with eyes closed.
HighLow - This 20-minute long recreational tone is highly experimental and is designed to provide a "stimulating yet sedating" experience. Experience a relaxing yet alert state that will shift from energized to sedated throughout the tone.
HighTones - This 10-minute tone is designed to gradually bring the listener into a state of "vivid thinking" accompanied with pleasant body effects.
Imagine- This 20-minute tone is designed to bring the brain to a state that will make it more perceptive to your imagination. Sit back and let your imagination run wild.
Inner Peace- This 15-minute long tone has been reported to create a blissful feeling of complete inner peace and harmony.
Journey- This brand new one-hour long tone is designed to show you what isochronic tones can do. Be prepared for a deeply relaxing tone that uses several experimental frequencies in the delta and alpha ranges until it ends in high beta leaving you with an alert, focused mind.
KO - This tone produces some weird effects. It can be used as a quick session before bed if you are jittery and awake, but if you are really having trouble falling asleep I'd recommend the sleep tone, as this is more of a recreational tone. 5 minutes long.
Ladder - This 20-minute long tone is designed to let your mind climb the ladder of consciousness and experience wonderful states of awareness.
Lucy - Testers of this recreational tone reported long trains of thought, surges of energy and euphoria, numbness, lightheadedness and vivid daydreams. 20 minutes long.
Magic - This 17-minute recreational tone is designed to provide maximum effects in a short time. It is much "trippier" than our other short tones (excluding meadows, which uses similar frequencies), and should be listened to in a relaxing place. Try to keep your eyes closed for at least the first 5 minutes or so.
Matrix - This 30-minute long session offers quite a unique experience. Starting in the normal waking band of alpha and plunging down to deep Delta as binaural beats slowly take over until a rush up to "bullet-time awareness" in the final minutes. Headphones are required.
Meadows - Let the calming sounds of the outdoors take you deep into a trance for this 15 minute long isochronic tone.
MindTrap - This 15-minute recreational tone is designed to take you into the depths of your mind with spaciness and long, winding trains of thought.
Nirvana - A relaxing, euphoric tone - it's recommended that you leave your eyes closed for at least the first 5 minutes to feel it's relaxing, soothing effect. 15 minutes of happiness.
Preparation X - This tone is based off of the same concept as HighLow, but it has been modified further to intensify the "up-down" effects. 20 minutes long.
Purple - This 15-minute tone is designed to bring you into a state associated with strong emotional feelings, bodily warmth, tingling, and euphoria.
Purple 2 - This 20-minute long tone is similar to Purple but provides an added burst of energy toward the end.
Relax - This 5-minute long tone is designed to calm the nerves. Very useful if you need to build confidence before an important event such as a performance, or if you just want to reach a pleasant state of relaxation and comfort.
Slow-Mo - This recreational tone is designed to bring you to a state of both happiness and relaxation. This state of deep relaxation can lead to decreased reaction time, slow movement and euphoria. 15 minutes long.
Theta 432 - This unique tone will provide best results if used during meditation. Designed to entrain to the theta state with a carrier of 432 Hz, a frequency said to be universal throughout nature. 15 minutes long.
Two - This tone combines two popular methods of brainwave entrainment as it starts off with a binaural beat and slowly transitions into an isochronic tone. This combination has provided both the testers and myself with very pleasant effects. This tone requires stereo headphones. 15 minutes long.
Wave - This 15-minute long tone can be thought of as a wave. The effects slowly build-up as the "wave" gets bigger until it finally breaks and the effects hit full-force as they wash over you.
Weightless - This tone is intended for use in a calm, serene environment. Close your eyes and let it take you to a world free of stress and worry. It is 15 minutes long.
X-Zedrin - This tone shares the same, if not better, pain relieving effects of both fuzzy and nirvana, but it has more of an energizing effect rather than a sedating one. Perfect for mid-day pain relief when you don't want to be left in a deeply relaxed state after listening. 15 minutes long.

Spiritual Tones

These spiritual tones are carefully designed to help you with meditation, chakra work and aid in other spiritual practices.

12 Hz Meditation - This is a straightforward session that entrains to 12 Hz, on the higher end of the Alpha band. The isochronic pulses fade in very slowly while filtered background music remains at a constant volume throughout the session. 30 minutes long.
Astral Projection - This 30-minute long tone was designed to aid in astral projection.
Astral 2 - This 15-minute long tone was designed to aid in astral projection while using filtered brown noise and sine wave pulses. This is an alternative to the Astral Projection tone for those who found the tone to be too long and the filtered background music too distracting.
Astral 2 (Extended) - This is an extended version of the Astral 2 tone at 30-minutes in length.
Aura - This 15-minute long tone uses frequencies to aid in the viewing of auras.
Chakra Balancing - This tone uses 2 frequencies that are said to helpful in balancing your body's chakras. If you do not know anything about chakras then I would advise you to do some research on them first. 15 minutes long.
Chakra Balancing (Sine) - This is an alternate version of the Chakra Balancing tone which uses Sine isochronic pulses rather than the harsher square-wave pulses used in the original.
Chakra Meditation - This tone is designed to be an hour-and-a-half long journey through the chakras, starting at the root and moving up to the crown chakra in ascending order. Each chakra frequency last roughly 11 minutes long before moving to the next one.
Chakra Meditation (Brown Noise) - This is an alternate version of the Chakra Meditation tone using filtered brown noise with isochronic pulses rather than filtered background music.
Christ Consciousness - This tone uses frequencies that will unlock states of higher learning, spiritual knowledge, and harmony with oneself. 20 minutes long.
Deep Meditation (Background Only) - This 30-minute session is designed to induce states of deep meditation, unlike the other Deep Meditation tone this one only contains a background track. The background track has been filtered to contain the same frequencies as the normal Deep Meditation tone.
Deep Meditation - This 30-minute tone is designed to bring you to states of extremely relaxed, deep meditation. It is an excellent meditation aid, but if you find the sound of the tones too distracting, try the Deep Meditation (Background Only) track offered above.
Earth Energy - This one-hour uses the Earth Resonance frequency of 7.83 Hz to provide a sense of relaxed grounding followed by an alert, energized state.
Heart Chakra - This 15-minute tone aims to aid in opening and stimulating the heart chakra.
Inner Awareness - This 30-minute tone is designed to take you deep within your mind as you reach a state of heightened inner awareness. It is said that increased inner awareness can lead to greater spiritual knowledge, and some believe it can help in meeting your personal spirit guide.
Love - This session is designed to bring strong feelings of Love - complete with the warmth, tingling and euphoria associated with these feelings. 30 minutes long.
Manifestation - This tone uses frequencies to help with manifestation. It brings your brain to a state in which it is more open to suggestion, aiding you in making your thoughts a reality. 10 minutes long.
Manifestation (Extended) - This is an extended version of the manifestation tone at 30 minutes in length.
Meditative Visualization - This hour-long tone is intended for visualization and deep meditation. It uses filtered background sounds rather than traditional isochronic tones to aid in reaching the desired state faster with less distractions.
Past Life Regression - This 15-minute long tone uses several frequencies, including one that is used in the ESP tone, said to aid in past life regression.
Philosophical Inquiry - This tone is designed to take you through a sequence of states ideal for spurring deep, philosophical thought. 25 minutes long.
Solfeggio Harmonics - This 90-minute session cycles through the nine Solfeggio frequencies while incorporating harmonics of these frequencies for a more full-bodied sound. There are both isochronic and binaural layers so headphones, while not necessary, are recommended.
Third Eye - This tone uses several frequencies to stimulate the pineal gland as well as aid in the visual pickup of mental objects. 30 minutes long.

Lucid Dreaming Tones

Lucid dreaming sessions are primarily designed for use in conjunction with the "Wake Back to Bed" technique. They are not designed to be played repeatedly throughout the night.

Lucid Dreaming (Original) - This 30-minute track is designed to aid in the induction of lucid dreams and is meant to be used either while going to sleep or while performing the WBTB (wake back to bed) technique. It contains a filtered background track rather than actual isochronic pulses because the background sounds are much easier to fall asleep to while listening. And remember, always do a reality check once your in there.
Lucid Dreaming (Brown Noise) - This 30-minute track uses filtered brown noise rather than a background music track to aid in the induction of lucid dreams. Best if used with the WBTB technique.
Lucid Spike - This Lucid Dreaming tone is something completely different from the other 2 tones currently offered here. It is meant to be used after a WBTB and begins with 20 minutes of silence. The user should attempt to fall asleep naturally during the silence. Following the silence is a spike in brainwave activity designed to trigger lucidity from within the dreamstate. 40 minutes long.

Miscellaneous Tones

Here you can find tones that do not fit into any of the other three categories. This section includes sessions designed to help with sleep, alertness, mental performance, pain relief and much more.

14 Hz - The name is a perfect explanation, a 10-minute tone designed to bring your brain to 14 Hz, a state in which the brain is awake and alert. This type of tone was requested by several users after experiencing drowsiness after certain tones that end in lower frequency ranges. If you are looking for a more energetic tone that reaches into higher beta frequencies, try Energy Now.
14 Hz 2 - This tone is another version of 14 Hz with filtered background music.
4.0287 - This tone was created for a user-request interested in this particular frequency with the hopes of a tone useful for ESP and visualization. 1 hour long.
Acne Treatment - This session uses frequencies for oxygenation of cells, improved circulation, healing and balance with the aim of promoting clear, healthy skin. 36 minutes long.
Anti-Jetlag - This 10-minute tone uses frequencies that have been shown to combat jetlag, so next time you've got a long flight ahead of you don't forget to bring this one along with you!
Arousal - This is the product of numerous, anonymous email requests asking I design a more "arousing" tone, if you catch my drift. The 15-minute experimental tone uses several frequencies that stimulate certain parts of the body. Personally I haven't tested it out myself yet (but there are others who do that for me sometimes), but if this is your kind of thing you should get good results.
Behavior Change - This 20-minute long tone uses frequencies to aid you with behavior change. This tone is useful in aiding a behavior change such as eating less or breaking an addiction.
Cell Health - This tone uses frequencies that have been shown to aid in cell regeneration and the transfer of essential nutrients into cells. 12 minutes long.
Creativity - This 15-minute long tone is designed to give you that extra creative boost for whatever it is you need to do. Whether it's a drawing, an essay, a novel, a song or anything else that may require some extra inspirtation, this is the tone to use.
DNA Meditation - As per request this tone combines the key frequencies from the DNA and Deep Meditation tones. 30 minutes long.
DNA Stimulation/Repair - This tone uses frequencies shown to encourage DNA stimulation and repair, if for some reason you need/desire that, then try this one out. It is 15-minutes long.
ESP - This 20-minute long tone uses 2 frequencies to aid in extrasensory perception.
Female Health - This 35-minute session is designed to support healthy menstruation and alleviate symptoms of PMS. It ends in theta and as such is best used immediately before bedtime.
Forty - This tone brings the brain to 40 Hz, a frequency associated with relaxation of the body, mental clarity, and synchronization of neurons. More information on this frequency is available on the LunarSight Frequency Listing. 15 minutes long.
Forty (Extended) - A 30-minute version of the Forty tone beginning in alpha and moving up to a frequency of 40 Hz.
Ganzfeld Effect - This 20-minute long session does not use isochronic pulses, filtered background noise or any other method designed to entrain your brain to a target frequency. It only contains pink noise. The theory behind this is that by using pink noise one can simulate the altered state of consciousness experienced by climbers during a severe blizzard. For more information on the Ganzfeld Effect see the LunarSight Frequency Chart (there is a link to it on the main page of this site).
Growth Hormone Release - This 20-minute long tone uses several frequencies to stimulate the release of human growth hormone within the body.
GH Sleep - This 30-minute long tone is designed to increase stimulate the production of growth hormone ultimately leading into deep, delta sleep. Delta sleep is the most common time for growth hormone release during the night.
Headache Relief - Awake - This 10-minute long tone uses filtered background tracks with frequencies shown to help relieve headaches. This tone will leave you in a "normal" state afterward rather than a deeply relaxed state, good for daytime use.
Headache Relief - Relaxed - This tone uses filtered background tracks with frequencies shown to relieve headaches while leaving you with in a mellow, relaxed state afterward. Recommended for evening or nighttime use.
Healing - This tone is designed to aid in the healing process, both mental and phsyical. 15 minutes long.
IQ Increase - This tone uses low beta frequencies that have been shown to increase IQ with regular use. 15 minutes long.
Immune Booster - This tone uses frequencies shown to support healthy immune system activity ultimately leading into sleep. Sleep is a key part of having a strong, healthy immune system. 20 minutes long.
Kidney Support - This 30-minute experimental session uses various frequencies associated with the kidneys and healing to promote healthy kidney function.
Lift - This session combines frequencies for Growth Hormone release, awareness and focus to foster a mind-muscle connection that is ideal for use in weightlifting or other intense exercise. 40 minutes long.
Lift (Brown Noise) - This is an alternate version of the Lift session which uses filtered brown noise instead of the filtered background music used in the original.
Little - This 30-minute long tone is the product of research that has been taking place since this site's beginning. It uses various frequencies designed to aid in digestion ultimately leaving you in an energized, alert state.
Mental Performance - This tone is designed to aid your brain in reaching it's peak mental state. This session uses filtered background sounds rather than traditional isochronic pulses in order to keep distractions from the tone to a minimum. While there are many uses for this tone several of the most common uses include: Concentration, memory, and retention of information while studying. 20 minutes long.
Mental Performance 2 - This is an upgraded version of the Mental Performance tone. At 10 minutes in length with soothing, filtered brown noise rather than background sounds it is much more effective for those times when you need your mental state to be at its best.
Mental Performance 3 - The third installment of the Mental Performance series uses isochronic pulses and brown noise to bring the brain to a state of high efficiency and focus. Can be used during or before studying. 20 minutes long.
Nerve Regeneration - This tone is designed to aid the body in the regeneration of nerve cells. 20 minutes long.soothing track. Experience deep relaxation and then slowly drift off into a refreshing sleep.
Nirvana/Sleep - This 45-minute long tone combines the nirvana and sleep tones into one soothing track. Experience deep relaxation and then slowly drift off into a refreshing sleep.
Pyramids - This tone uses the frequencies found both inside and outside of Egyptian pyramids. Experience the magic of the pyramids with this 15 and-a-half minute long tone.
Refresh - This hour-long tone is designed to bring the listener into a period of deep relaxation and regeneration followed by a refreshed, focused state-of-mind.
Schumann Resonance - This 46-minute tone goes through all 7 frequencies of the Schumann Resonance, starting at the lowest and ending at the highest.
Scout - This tone was created as per request to be energizing and help to increase confidence.
Sleep - This 20-minute long tone is designed to help you fall asleep in a short amount of time and leave you feeling refreshed when you wake up in the morning. Useful for those who have trouble falling asleep or for those who just want a more "refreshing" sleep.
Speech - This session is designed to help with speech and the vocal cords. 30 minutes long.
Void - This 20-minute tone slowly entrains the brain to a "void-like" state. Mental and physical relaxation coupled with euphoria. Meditating to this tone may bring you even deeper into this "void" to a state that is very hard to explain to those who have not experienced it.
Will To Live - While Nirvana is still recommended for a euphoric, pleasant experience this tone uses a frequency that has been shown to increase the will to live in those who are suffering from depression. 8 minutes long.