Brain Sync Super Pack Inc. Meditation, Super learning, Attract love


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Brain Sync Super Pack Inc. Meditation, Super learning, Attract love

Brain Sync
- The Secret
- Super Learning
- Release Guilt
- Faith
- Attract Love
- Deep Learning
- Guided Meditation
- Brain Power


With over two decades of experience and research, Kelly Howell has perfected our binaural beat technology to bring you the most effective brain synchronization audio programs available in the world today. The result is a whole body-mind experience that normally takes years of biofeedback or meditation training to attain. Brain Sync CDs and mp3s help you change from within, by changing the way your brain is patterned, and the way your body reacts.

Brain Sync tapes and CDs have been clinically tested with a record-breaking 95% success rate and are offered to patients at America's most prestigious cancer treatment hospitals, Memorial Sloan Kettering and Dana Farber.

After almost two decades of clinical research, Brain Sync is revealing itself to be one of the world's greatest breakthroughs in healing and mind expansion.

With this technology you can reach states of being that directly nurture your sense of self, your creativity, and the dynamic expression of your power. These are states that will enhance your ability to give and receive love, direct your will to achieve new goals, and generate vibrant states of health and well being.

The Frequencies of Consciousness

Brain Sync programs use window frequencies G?? extremely precise frequencies that resonate and impact the body at a cellular level. Listeners say they can actually feel their meditation on a physical level, in rushes of positive energy and a flow of deep heartfelt emotions.

Our choice of frequencies is based on extensive biofeedback research. The special combinations of frequencies we use have been selected specifically to help you achieve the same extraordinary brain states that scientists have discovered in remarkable men and women.
Music to Transcend With

We harmonically layer precision-engineered window frequencies within exquisitely beautiful music that blends chant and ancient instruments with melodies based on Eastern Tantric traditions. Designed to open the flow of energy to your chakras, you'll find yourself carried on smooth, silky waves of sound into angelic realms and the primal worlds within your own psyche.