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Longevity - February 2016

English | 132 pages | True PDF | 26 MB

Longevity is a healthy lifestyle magazine for women and aims to empower its readers with the most up-to-date, authoritative information on all aspects of health, beauty and wellbeing so that they can make their own informed decisions on leading longer, healthier and happier lives. Its editorial content covers all aspects of health, medicine, beauty, nutrition, fitness and mental and spiritual wellbeing in a holistic environment which is relaxing, refreshing and reviving. Longevity provides cutting edge information on all aspects of well being with a dedicated scientifically researched health focus. Longevity encourages readers to take responsibility for, and nurture, their most precious asset - themselves and their families.

Gisele Wertheim Aymes
The world is becoming more aged – but living longer doesn’t necessarily mean we’re living healthier. Ironically, this increased life expectancy is leading to a massive increase in chronic, expensive-to-treat disorders impacting on our quality of life.

Which is why the developments in DNA and genetic mapping are so interesting. Many scientists believe that a more rigorous understanding of DNA will hold the key to future longevity and the development of personalised medicine.

As a member of the South African committee for the World Congress on Healthy Aging, which will take place in South Africa in July 2015 (go to www.wcha2015.co.za), I travelled with Dr Mark Fyvie, who has a PhD in molecular genetics, to Malaysia to attend the 7th Malaysian Conference on Health Aging, where he shared the idea that personalised medicine is no longer some abstract concept that belongs in a sci-fi movie- it’s fast becoming a reality, he says.

More recently, David Cameron, prime minister of Britain, announced that UK scientists are to map 100 000 complete DNA codes. Speaking to Sky News, he said the 100 000 Genomes Project, funded by a package of deals worth £300 million, will “see the UK lead the world in genetic research within years”. The project will sequence the genetic codes of about 75 000 patients with cancer and rare diseases, and those of their close relatives. Both the healthy and the tumour cells of the cancer patients will be mapped, meaning about 100 000 will be sequenced in total.