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0350330.jpgGrow All You Can Eat in Three Square FeetEnglish | 2015 | ISBN: 1465429808 | 256 Pages | PDF | 77 MBWant to grow your own vegetables and food, but don't have enough space for a garden? Don't let lack of space get in the way of growing healthy, organic foods at home. Apartment dwellers, schoolteachers, and anyone else who wants to grow a lot of food in a little space will find a great small garden resource in Grow All You Can Eat in 3 Square Feet.Small-space gardeners, find your start in Grow All You Can Eat in 3 Square Feet, packed with information on window boxes, potted plants, patio gardening, raised beds, small square-foot gardening, container gardening, and everything else related to growing your own small garden. Whether you want to grow a full garden, grow tomatoes, grow an herb garden, or just pick up great tips for small gardens, Grow All You Can Eat in 3 Square Feet is the resource you need.What does it matter if people no longer have space for gardens? Well, besides the fact that a garden will get you out of the house for fresh air, exercise, and a much-needed connection to nature, growing your own food is kind of awesome. At a time when supermarket produce is both pricey and poor in quality (am I the only one depressed that supermarket tomatoes taste like cardboard even when they're in season?), growing your own gives you a chance to eat well. Really well. Even if you're lucky enough to have access to great farmers' markets and CSAs (which you should absolutely take advantage of), nothing matches home-grown for quality, freshness, and flavour. Garden produce is as local as you can get, and is easy to grow organically--without organic-food prices (and you won't need to question whether you can trust the organic certification). On top of all that, growing your own food is crazy satisfying. All these reasons are why Grow All You Can Eat in 3 Square Feet is a great book to have on hand.Reviews:"Beautiful color photographs and step-by-step instructions distinguish this guide to growing vegetables, fruit, and herbs in small spaces." - Library Journal