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0314290.jpgIdiot's Guides: Social SecurityISBN: 1615647414 | 2015 | PDF | 304 Pages | 9 MBAlong with Medicare, Social Security is one of the "rites of passage" as older Americans retire. After contributing funds to this program their entire working life, people are anxious to start getting their monthly checks. Following a brief look at why Social Security was established and what it is intended to provide, this easy-to-understand guide carefully and simply explains all the benefits and circumstances in which one can take advantage of Social Security. Coverage includes enrolling in Social Secuirty for disability and survival benefits, as well benefits from the traditional age-requirement. The book also has a decision tree to make perfectly clear what one's benefits are depending on such factors as how early one benefits are taken, marital status, and what one believes his or her future may hold. The future of Social Security is also explored and with that possible impacts on one's future benefits.81P5IQ2uFSL._UX250_.pngFRED YAGER is the author of nine books, including five fiction and two non-fiction and two books of poetry as well as over a dozen screenplays, one musical and 100s of published articles. His latest YA novel, Sound from a Star, was published in 2011.Several of his novels, including Sound from a Star, Cybersona, Rex, Untimely Death and Just Your Everyday People, have been adapted into screenplays.Fred is also founder of the World News & Information Network (WNIN), which produces and distributes multi-media news and information packages for clients seeking cost effective ways to enhance their image or brand via television and the Internet.An accomplished print and broadcast journalist, Fred has worked for such prestigious organization as the Associated Press, Fox Television and CBS News. He was the first Managing Editor of APTV and was named Associated Press Broadcast News Writer of the Year in 1975.