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0602460.jpgNature Magazine - 16 June 2016English | 315 pages | True PDF | 138.40 MBThis WeekEditorialsTopTurning pointThe result of next week’s crucial UK referendum on whether or not to remain in the European Union will have worldwide repercussions.Under the seaIf life in the oceans is to be preserved, people must get to know the wonders of the deep.Nature distilledWe need your views on an experiment to convey the latest research in digestible form.World ViewTopScience can map a solution to a fast-burning problemWildfires such as those that hit Canada last month are a growing worry, writes Marc-André Parisien, but risk-assessment models can limit future damage.Research HighlightsTopBiophysics: How squid hide their eyesGene editing: CRISPR blocks cancer growthEnergy: Excess nitrogen spoils biofuelsNanoscience: Tiny carbon rods blow off steamEvolution: Fish keep coming out of waterMicrobiology: A wealth of anti-CRISPR proteinsBiomaterials: Liquid-like solid lets cells growNeuroscience: Myelin clogs up immune cellsDevelopmental biology: Dragon lizard gets sex changeSeven DaysTopThe week in science: 10–16 June 2016LIGO spots another gravitational wave- increasing light pollution on Earth obscures the Milky Way- and moose develop infectious prion disease in Norway.News in FocusStem cells for Snoopy: pet medicines spark a biotech boomNo Alt text available for this imageFirms chase a new breed of advanced veterinary care, from antibodies to cell therapies.Heidi LedfordFrance launches massive meteor-spotting networkNo Alt text available for this imageTracking space rocks that reach Earth will give insight into the early Solar System.Traci WatsonPromising gene therapies pose million-dollar conundrumNo Alt text available for this imageEconomists, investors and medical insurers can’t figure out how to pay for cutting-edge drugs.Erika Check HaydenBoon or burden: what has the EU ever done for science?No Alt text available for this imageMore than 500 million people and 28 nations make up the European Union. It will lose one of its richest, most populous members, if the United Kingdom votes to leave on 23 June. Ahead of a possible ‘Brexit’, Nature examines five core ways that the EU shapes the course of research.Alison Abbott, Declan Butler, Elizabeth Gibney, Quirin Schiermeier & Richard Van Noorden